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With the growth of audio and video devices, headphones / earphones become a necessity. However, not all are created equal. If you are looking for a high quality portable experience look Labs Creative Aurvana In-EAR2. This sequel to the award-winning Aurvana in-ear headphones continues their trend of sound insulation technology in a comfortable, lightweight style of practice. Creative Labs has a better sound quality than one gene.

After testing on a plane to the gym and just stay at home, I can say ups and downs were readily available. Low was not a problem, but it is not a problem. The noise was expelled and volume levels were maintained - that will help you know what you want to hear. The outside world will not disrupt your videos, music and podcasts using Aurvana In-EAR2. They also have a very good job of blocking the others to hear my material. So your listening experience is yours.

For those techies noise canceling headphones, like the author, Aurvana In-EAR2 are a pleasant alternative. No, this is not a cancellation fee of 100% (or pretend to be), but it's a good weekend mass and discomfort over ear products, while maintaining high sound quality. Aesthetically, they are housed in an easy to carry. Cable Management provides good protection against the "elements" of backpacks, handbags and so on. The form factor of the handle are coupled to all sorts of sizes earpiece allows them to adapt to the shape of the ear. Other accessories include a cleaning tool and an airplane adapter.

Aurvana In-EAR2 is available for $ 99.99 on Amazon