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The following resource is designed with the beginning guitarist in mind. It covers a variety of musical topics and touches on the basics of music theory. Learning to play guitar is both a challenging and rewarding experience. These pages have been designed to give guitarists a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music theory.

As a guitarist, you will have to deal with a variety of different types of music. Sometimes you will see music written in tablature, sometimes you will be reading chords, and others you will have music written in standard notation.

Learn more at www.samlatture.com.


Rumors suggested Motorola's 10.1-inch Android tablet would be priced at $800. But now Best Buy has it priced at $1,199.99 on its Web site, with preorders starting in stores on February 17.

Is Motorola's Xoom being priced not to sell? That's the question a lot of folks are asking as a tipster pointed Engadget to a listing on Best Buy's Web site, showing the upcoming 10.1-inch tablet priced at $1,199.99, with preorders starting in Best Buy stores on February 17.

Over the last few weeks, some reports suggested the Xoom, which has impressive specs and is the first tablet to run Google's Android 3.0 operating system (Honeycomb), would be priced at $800. But for now, anyway, the Best Buy Web site seems to state pretty emphatically that the price is $1,199.99. And to add insult to injury, you also have to activate a month's worth of Verizon data service, though you aren't locked into any sort of contract.

We'll wait to see if that $1,199.99 number sticks. But for those hoping for a strong iPad competitor, that price certainly wouldn't bode well, especially with the iPad 2 just weeks away from being announced.

Update: Some new reports suggest the $1,199.99 is actually "placeholder" pricing and that the Xoom may very well be available for $800 on February 17. Stay tuned.

Update #2: At around 6:30 PM EST on Sunday (2/13), Best Buy shut down the web page with the Xoom's pricing/preorder information on it. In fact, the Xoom appears to have been completely removed from Best Buy's website. We'll let you know when it returns.

With the growth of audio and video devices, headphones / earphones become a necessity. However, not all are created equal. If you are looking for a high quality portable experience look Labs Creative Aurvana In-EAR2. This sequel to the award-winning Aurvana in-ear headphones continues their trend of sound insulation technology in a comfortable, lightweight style of practice. Creative Labs has a better sound quality than one gene.

After testing on a plane to the gym and just stay at home, I can say ups and downs were readily available. Low was not a problem, but it is not a problem. The noise was expelled and volume levels were maintained - that will help you know what you want to hear. The outside world will not disrupt your videos, music and podcasts using Aurvana In-EAR2. They also have a very good job of blocking the others to hear my material. So your listening experience is yours.

For those techies noise canceling headphones, like the author, Aurvana In-EAR2 are a pleasant alternative. No, this is not a cancellation fee of 100% (or pretend to be), but it's a good weekend mass and discomfort over ear products, while maintaining high sound quality. Aesthetically, they are housed in an easy to carry. Cable Management provides good protection against the "elements" of backpacks, handbags and so on. The form factor of the handle are coupled to all sorts of sizes earpiece allows them to adapt to the shape of the ear. Other accessories include a cleaning tool and an airplane adapter.

Aurvana In-EAR2 is available for $ 99.99 on Amazon