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Do you want your kids playing with small robots? Then, have a look at this breathtaking robot construction kit from Modular Robotics. Cubelets, as it is named, is a complete construction kit kids can use to build a variety of tiny robots with no programming and no wires. Yes, you can design your own robots with various lifelike functions and behaviors. Well, these robots can move, light up, dance and produce sound as you put together the magnetic blocks on your tabletop.

Robots with Cubelets really work depending on how they are assembled. Each block in the Cubelets kit has a function to do and the kit comes with three types of blocks; Action Blocks, Sense Blocks and Think Blocks. As a whole, a collective energy pulls the robots made from Cubelets robot construction kit. No single program or brain controls the robots, indeed. As you build a robot with various function blocks, it works accordingly.

The mechanism behind the robot blocks is quite superb. Put it simply, the Sense Blocks convert real world signals like light, proximity and temperature into numbers. Action Blocks turn these numbers into real world signals such as motion, sound, light and others. In the end, Think Blocks operate based on the numbers, which propels the robots made from Cubelets on your floor.

For kids, Cubelets are great things to play with and to learn about robots easily. Children get chance to learn the basics of robotics as they form various items and give life. Of course, Cubelets will provide them a better insight into the genre of robotics, which is to revolutionize the world in coming years. With no doubt, Modular Robotics has designed Cubelets with such a big goal.

Eric Schweikardt at Carnegie Mellon University is the biggest brain behind the Cubelets project. The robot construction kit has been in making for several years. Modular Robotics finished the work for Cubelets from various parts of t he world like Colorado, Boulder and China. The end product was realized in various factories in China, says Modular Robotics.

Cubelets will certainly push people to think how complicated systems emerge from local interactions. As we assemble a few blocks to design various shapes, they start interactions with each other and act in accordance. Watch the video below to see how Cubelets can bring you a new experience in modular robotics. It will be a tremendous experience for any child and even adults to play with the Cubelet blocks to form robots.

Modular Robotics will put Cubelets on display at the upcoming CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Don't miss to have a look at the robot blocks if you are hanging around the trade show next week. Two kits of Cubelets will be up for grabs; the KT06 kit with six blocks and the KT01 kit with all a full gamut of Sense, Think, and Action Blocks. The first kit has a price tag of around $200 only.

Via: Hizook